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Living up to God’s Expectations in Daily Life an Introduction


5 Truths we must know:


1.  God created all therefore all creation belongs to Him

2.  With Creation comes Expectations
God has expectations of His creation – that’s us

3.  With Expectations comes Responsibility

God gives us the ability to respond to His expectations and we choose daily

4.  With Responsibility comes Accountability
Expectations are God’s desire and He says, “You will!”
Responsibility is Creation’s response and creation says, “I will!”
Accountability is Creation’s action and creation says, “I did!”

5.  With Accountability comes Consequences
There are always consequences both positive and negative

Therefore, we MUST know what God expects of us and live accordingly. 


So, what is it that God expects of His creation? Of ME?

When you search through the Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation you find many commands of God and expectations.  But, when you take all the commands expectations of God and put them together you come up with just 4 prime or main expectations of God. All throughout the Scriptures man has gotten into trouble with His creator God when he failed to live up to those expectations. Those 4 expectations are as follows:


Acknowledge God for Who He is and What He had done and IS doing.

Walk Obediently In HIM

Pass On the Knowledge of the Holy to the Next Generation

Wait on HIM to Do All He has Promised



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